Tights, an Add-on Accessory to Your Wardrobe

From bright colors, to fancy patterns, all the way to embellished beauties, tights are a fun way to spruce up any outfit! Especially in the winter season where it can become a bore to wear only warm tone colors.

The vibrant, playful tights that scream “KAPOW” as you put one leg in front of the other and walk out the door, will lift your spirits up!  Have an all-black dress ready to be showcased at the New Year’s Eve party?  Holiday chic it up by adding some bold red tights underneath. Next thing you know, you’ll be turning heads by the mere virtue of your outfit!

Hey, but let’s be real. Tights are not only a great way to attract attention, but are truly the best source of additional warmth to fight the chilly days of winter. Just slip a pair on and Jack Frost won’t be nipping at your legs no more! He’ll now be wishing he too had a chic pair of tights to frost the night away in.

The best part? They can be worn all year round! For summertime, sorbet colored tights, sheer, or fine laces are the perfect addition to your outfit.

Here’s some fun little facts about the benefits of wearing tights.

  1. Keep your shoes from giving you painful blisters.
  2. Give you the freedom to not have to shave at all that day. Hallelujah!
  3. Provide great shape for your stunning legs.
  4. Allow you to look fashionably “pulled together” at all times. 

Tights are a must in your wardrobe! Let your creativity run loose by playing with different patterns and colors.

Swipe right over the pictures below to see how we styled our favorite tights!

Holiday Chic

Party Ready

Animal Print

How do you plan to style your tights?


Into The Christmas Spirit

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Chic Reign. From tree decorations, to freshly baked cookies, all the way to dressing up in our holiday best, we are filled to the brim with holiday cheer!

Diana, our Creative Director, carefully places the finishing touches on the tree. A shiny magenta ornament here. A crimson red ornament there. And finally a dazzling light blue ornament on the very top!

Looks like Santa came early with lots of presents!

Christmas pillows are the perfect festive touch.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches.

From our Chic Reign Family to yours we wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! May the beauty of the holidays warm your spirit with peace and everlasting joy!


The Struggles of Launching

We’ve been working tirelessly to bring our vision to reality, which has turned out to be quite a challenge. For a small business like us, with no outside funding, things like sourcing sustainable fabrics with low minimum quantities has been incredibly difficult.

Today, sustainability is related to the well-being of not only our environment, but to the people. And we are  passionate believers in being a part of the movement. We are not here to change people and their ways, but rather to contribute to a better and larger cause.

From the very beginning, I had a vision for the Chic Reign brand. Sustainable luxury. Feminine with an edge. Polished dresses and sophisticated separates in rich color palettes. Even though a visible shift is taking place in the fashion industry, there’s still a lot to be improved.

As some of you may already know, our goal was to launch this past fall, however we were unable to do so. I guess my inexperience and high ambitions led me to aim higher than I was able to achieve with the limited resources I had.

As a start-up, things are constantly evolving. What worked for me today, may not necessarily work for me tomorrow. We are constantly faced with new and unexpected challenges. Research and preparation do not always equal reality. Sometimes you have to go through challenges to learn from them, find a solution, and regroup.

Yes, it is awfully uncomfortable I must confess. My reaction? Slow down, take a step back, view what’s going on around you, and take a new perspective when needed. Always look at things in a positive light, and always ask yourself “what can I learn from this?”. This is not to say that there have not been a lot of sleepless nights thinking about ways to overcome our challenges.

I am well aware of the saturation in the market and how difficult it is to tap into it. I’ve decided to stick with it and stay true to myself by offering the level of quality in a product I would expect to receive if I was the consumer.

As I have said before, this is an incredibly complicated industry to work in. Despite our bumps in the road, we will continue to work to deliver our vision. We are now focusing on launching Spring 2019. There will be some changes of course in color as well as designs to reflect the current season.

Ultimately, my goal is to do something that I love and truly believe in.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Roald Dahl

Love Endlessly,

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10 Top Rules To Accessorize

Have you ever been told not to wear bold jewelry with dainty jewelry? Or that every accessory piece must match?

BORING! Today is the day we chuck the old school traditions of accessorizing right out the window! Buh bye old. And hello new, fun, and personalized ways to style your own accessories!

I am a huge fan of accessorizing. As I often say, “It’s my go to candy.” Every outfit I wear, I try to elevate from blah to chic by incorporating statement pieces to help finish off each look.

Here’s our modern lady guide on 10 Top rules to accessorize this season.

Forget matching your handbag to your shoes
Apologies to all Grandmas. Matching your shoes to your bag has become a thing of the past.

Stack your wrist with a mix of glitz
The trend of bracelet stacks are a must! Balance out your subtle bracelet with a bigger statement piece and remember to always add a pop of sparkle.

Up-the-ante on earrings
Statement earrings are my favorite accessory piece. And no they are not just for going out at night, but instead for an all-day affair of heading to work, shopping at the grocery store, and picking my son up from school.

Art Inspired
Who said art work was only meant for fancy walls in museums? Try and incorporate accessory pieces inspired by your favorite paintings and artists into your outfits to truly stand out.

Simply Dazzling
Sparkle on with glamour that goes beyond tinsel-town with a few great pieces of higher end jewels.

Mixing Metals
Choose a dominant shade as your base and introduce a few contrasting pieces to look fresh and stylish.

Scarf’s are really cool
Knot one around your neck and you’re good to go.

Necklace Layering 101
Start with the shortest, most delicate necklaces first, then increase the weight of each necklace as you move farther down your chest. Think about going with different colors and materials to stand out.

Belt Bag
Look Mom no hands! The perfect no hassle bag.

Put a Ring on it
If you like it, then put a ring on every finger. Wear congruent rings that are proportionate to the size of your hand. Remember, each one should be well spaced and balanced in tone.

These accessory tips will for sure awaken your wardrobe. Let us know how you style your accessory pieces below!

Why Motherhood Shouldn’t Change Your Style

I believe that personal style isn’t only about the clothes you wear. It is about everything you do. From the way you carry yourself to the way your home is decorated. Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with dressing up and as I got older I found it to be quite exciting.

Then I became a mother and naturally as a first time mom I had to rearrange my priorities. I guess I fell into the assumption that I should’ve been dressing more like a mom. But wait, what did this really mean? Did it mean I had to stay away from fashionable clothes, statement earrings and fun shoes? No way! And while I believe every woman should feel comfortable in what they are wearing, it doesn’t mean I’m uncomfortable because I wear big earrings and a dress to the park. I’m a rebel at heart and I refuse to follow social or cultural dictations. I can agree that your style changes with age. And the body also starts to give you a few clues – I can no longer wear 4 inch heels for more than an hour. However, I refuse to accept the idea that I have to dress a certain way because I’m a mom.

Have you noticed your style has changed since having kids? Do you dress more for comfort than for style? You don’t have to sacrifice one or the other. You can still wear a simple t-shirt and jeans, but it can be easily elevated with a nice necklace and earrings to make a simple mom outfit vibrant. And if you feel like dressing up a bit more, try picking out your outfit the night before.

And guess what? You may notice dressing up can motivate you and be a mood booster!

Give it a try, set your outfit out the night before, and dress up for yourself again. Look in the mirror and be like “Dang I look great today” – sippy cup and kids lunchbox in hand. You will see you’ll become more motivated and happier by being true to who you really are. A great mom with a chic sense of style!

So all the Mom’s out there let me see you raise your hands and repeat after me.

“I will put aside a small amount of time to dress up for myself again. Even if I have to risk my nice blouse getting ketchup stains on it, wearing it represents my true sense of being that can no longer be forgotten!”

Living In Full Color

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were colorblind? I have and, in every instance, I’ve imagined myself missing out on one of the biggest pleasures I have in life–seeing the world in full color.

When we look at someone, one of the first things we notice about them is what colors they are wearing. Colors have associations attributed to them which are linked directly to our emotions and behavior. Different colors in clothing exude different feelings and meanings, and colors can even affect and reflect our mood. For instance, the color red evokes powerful feelings like passion and sexuality which can make other people seem more attractive. If your goal is a to achieve a happier, less angry mood, opting for a rosy color clothing would do the trick.

Do you feel like changing your state of mind for the better? You can use clothing and texture to enhance your mood.

Every morning as you stare at the clothes in your closet, undecided on what to wear, you may want to think beyond the weather and consider playing around with color. Forget matching and start mixing. Embracing it head to toe is empowering. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

Colors speak all languages!

Go out of the box and add brighter colors to your wardrobe. Toss in a pop of magenta to an all tan outfit, try it with your shoes or accessory. Head to work in a bright pink sweater paired with an orange skirt and white boots to feel empowered.

When in doubt follow these tricks for making it work:

Stick to solids: They’re easier to mix than prints. Find a pattern you love and use the colors in it to create an outfit.

Pop one color: Mix two or three muted shades then layer on a bright color to truly stand out.


Toss in a metallic: A little shine adds 3-D interest without feeling too busy

As the wise Van Gogh once said, “Color expresses something by itself,” and we all should too!

7 Ways to Style a Blazer

Want to know the hottest street style hitting the fashion scene now? The “blazer” and it’s all thanks to the women’s empowerment movement. From the simple t-shirt blazer combo you’ll want to wear to Sunday brunch, all the way to the power suit for your 9 to 5. The best part is it’s versatile enough to use all year round. A “must” piece for your wardrobe. Here we’ve got a styled blazer for every occasion.

A Simple Tee
Who doesn’t own a simple tee? Just add a blazer, a pair of jeans, and bright red boots to look instantly dressed up.

Just Add Jeans
For a simple yet effective look, pair your jacket with your favorite light wash jean. Perfect for both work and the weekend.

The Blazer Skirt Combo
Don’t be afraid to play with vibrant colors when styling the blazer skirt combo. Street style never looked so cool.

Blazer Skirt Combo

Dress to Impress
Wear your favorite dress and a bright colored accessory to add a splash of color. The perfect level of sophistication to go straight from the office to a dinner party.

For a classic chic look, grab your go to chunky belt to accentuate your fabulous tailored piece.

Belted Blazer

Monochromatic Power Suit
We love a matching set. Especially our very own aqua tailored blue power suit!

Choose Patterns
Looking for something more outside the box? How about wearing it with a wild animal print. One of our favorite combos to truly stand out!

Adjusting to life as an Entrepreneur

Transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur has definitely had its challenges. There seems to be an essence of glamour to the word entrepreneur, just as there is to the term designer. One might assume it’s much simpler not to have a boss ordering you around all day, or that work must be way easier having the ability to delegate the hours of your day to however you’d like. Wrong!

The hardest adjustment is not the physical part and long hours that come with being an entrepreneur but rather the mental strength you need to develop in order to overcome challenges that arise out of the blue. Each day a new hurdle in the distance appears, whether it’s small or ten feet tall. As my own boss I wear many hats. Sometimes I have to do things I don’t like to do and make hard decisions. In addition, not having a boss tracking your progress makes it easier to lose your focus. It is imperative to be disciplined and determined with the goals you have set. Of course, it is easier said than done.

For women in particular it’s very difficult to balance your time between family and career. Your business invades every part of your life. There are no office hours and almost every conversation revolves around your business. Luckily, I have the most supporting husband whom I somehow persuaded to believe in my dreams.

There are days when I feel hopeless, when I feel I’ve wasted my day not doing much or when I feel I haven’t achieved enough. I have also been guilty of questioning my decision to start my own business. Perhaps I would have been better as a stay at home mom and enjoying my family.

Nevertheless, it is about finding challenges in my life and determining creative ways to overcome those challenges.

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”


The thought of making a positive impact on others in so many ways is one of the main reasons why I do what I do and I try to remind myself of that every single day.

Perhaps the most important thing that is very clear to me is that I am here because I chose to be here not because I had to. That makes me incredibly grateful!

It is often said that entrepreneurs should expect to fail. Although that is a correct statement I am not here because I expect to fail or succeed. Why is that you may ask? Well, the thought of failing does not scare me. Even if I were to fail I already feel like a winner. Just being in this position right now makes me immensely fortunate. So far this has been a remarkable journey. Becoming my own boss has been exciting, liberating and incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally, which to me is the ultimate success at the end of the day.“I will make it, may be not immediately but absolutely and definitely.”

“I will make it, may be not immediately but absolutely and definitely.”

Love endlessly,

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Birthday Yum! Birthday Fun! Celebrating Diana’s Birthday

The Chic Reign Team loves celebrating birthdays together. We surprised our creative director on her special day with some of her favorites: chocolate cake, macarons, and rosé! Happy Birthday Diana!


Celebrating Diana's Birthday

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you”



Celebrating Diana's Birthday

Dry, crisp, polished and pure, this has a fresh apricot, citrus, jasmine and berry notes with an easy going finish. It transports you instantly to the villages of Southern France. A great way to start our  celebration! woohoo!



Celebrating Diana's Birthday

May god bless you today and always with joy and prosperity. Happy birthday boss! xoxo



Celebrating Diana's Birthday

Someone was super happy and excited for mommy’s birthday… Can you guess why;)



Chocolate mousse cake. A must for a chocolate lover!

Birthdays are something special and we love to celebrate the people we care about. Today we celebrate you Diana.  Enjoy your special day!







The Creative Journey of a Garment

Most people don’t know that the creative journey of a garment is a long complex process. Whether it is a small private label or a large company, they all share similar practices and methods throughout. This also applies to the way a designer approaches the design process.

As creative individuals, we often call upon other designers, art, pop culture, etc…pulling inspirations from everything around us. For me, I love looking through fashion editorials, magazines, historic books, photos and anything that catches my attention as inspiration. In fact, I keep a journal where I record and gather all of the things that stimulate my creativity.

Creating a visual diary is very beneficial because it gives me a place of reference. I usually carry it with me at all times, that way I can use it every time I feel inspired. My visual diary consists of a compilation of pictures, fabrics and ideas I’d like to incorporate in the collection I’m working on.

When designing time comes, I start by setting the mood for myself. I light a scented candle and play classical music to concentrate. The tea kettle is on and the process is about to begin.

Next, I lay tentative fabrics and colors on a large table. I get excited about all the different ideas popping into my head.

Once I have chosen the colors/fabrics, I start the sketching process. I free draw in order to let my creativity flow. I usually end up sketching several outfits based on how different fabrics would lay and flow in the design. Next, I work with my team on developing patterns and samples for the initial prototype. There are always edits before making it to the final collection.

It is common to make changes during the development of the first prototypes. The design process is constantly evolving until we have reached the desired look.

Of all garments, dresses are my favorite to design. I spend hours relentlessly focused on the smallest details that take a look from ordinary to glamorous.

“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.”


As you may have read in my previous diary entries, becoming a designer was something new to my life. I can honestly say, when I am in my workspace developing a concept all of my creative passion flows. I could spend hours working, yet I leave invigorated.There is no moment in life where I have felt more connected to myself than in the creative process of designing my own collection.

Nourish your creativity. Live it, let it be your meditation.

We were all born to create.

Love endlessly,

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