Meet The Model Behind Our SS’19 Campaign

For the SS’19 campaign, we wanted to portray a confident, chic woman who embodied sophistication with an edge. She’s someone who enters a party impeccably dressed from head-to-toe. As she glides across the room, heads turn and eyes widen as they soak in her radiant beauty. So when we came across the beautiful Megan Thomas, we knew we had found the perfect model for the SS’19 campaign.

From the minute Megan stepped in the room, she portrayed the true Chic Reign Woman: elegant, confident, and most importantly unmistakably chic! We sat down with Megan to talk about modeling, go-to party destinations, and favorite obsessions from the SS’19 collection.

How did you get started as a model?

I started when I was 18. I moved to LA and was going to UCLA. I wanted a job while I was going to school. So I heard about modeling and went to the biggest modeling agency I Googled. I walked into the office for Elite Models and they signed me on the spot, which was so cool!

What is the most exciting part about being a model?

I think it’s exciting to work with new people and new faces every day. It’s never the same. You know it’s never going to be boring.

Since Chic Reign is all about vibrant party looks for an alluring night out, what is your favorite go-to party destination?

I heard Ibiza is really cool! But the one I have been to so far is New York. It’s a fun party town!

Obsession from the collection?

The side-draped dress! It’s so cool. Very 80’s. I’ve never seen anything like it!

Check out her Instagram @meggirll to follow her journey. 

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