Staying the Course and Overcoming Challenges

My decision to launch a business was very much of an emotional one tied in with a personal passion to create beautiful quality pieces with a belief in supporting slow fashion and ethical practices. However, running a business requires a much more analytical approach. As a designer, it is easy to get immersed in the details of a garment or collection, but it is far more challenging to embrace the financial side of a business. So how can you manage when your right brain generally dominates your left?  Hardheaded perhaps? A trait that is now serving me well, I must say!

Despite a few bumps in the road and being turned down several times because we couldn’t meet the fabric supplier minimums, I was determined to seek out an alternative solution and look at it from a more positive side. I have heard so many stories in the past of designers investing thousands of dollars into their business with no return and I didn’t want to find myself in that situation. Perhaps this was a sign to change direction. I let myself be guided by my instinct and was able to make some changes to our business concept without sacrificing our vision. The goal remains the same to create quality pieces that I love and truly believe in without compromising our integrity.

“Quality is not an accident, it is always the result of high intentionality, sincere effort, intelligent direction and smart execution.”

La Fete Peru

I’ve been traveling to the garment district more frequently. Often visiting manufacturers and sourcing left over fabrics from mills which will allow me to produce in smaller quantities at a time. Work takes up almost my entire day and what I love the most is that “It” doesn’t feel like work. I’ve been so excited working on the new collection and can hardly wait to present it to you!

I love visiting New York City and although I feel more comfortable now than I did when I first started, I still find sanctuary when I’m back at my studio. Being surrounded by nature and the quietness is where I can find inner balance and creativity.

This process of getting outside of my box and working toward my dreams has been exciting and terrifying at the same time. I’m in a constant evolution and can literally see the magic unfolding before my eyes.

Love endlessly,

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  1. Maureen
    Maureen says:

    Diana, your posts are always so inspiring and I love following along with your story. Just keep going and you’ll get there!


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