The Making of Chic Reign Studio

Chic Reign studio is a wonderful dream come true! We have been working out of our headquarters for a few months now. It has been a delight. If you have ever worked from home you can understand the importance of being able to separate your work and home life. After working out of my living room for a few months I soon realized Chic Reign needed a place of its own. The renovation contained a few surprises that slowed things down. The foundation had to be fixed and a draining system put in place. Although there was a structure there, it had been deteriorated by years of flooding.

As you can see here, the studio was a plain slate, without insulation and walls.

The spacious open plan was a considered choice. I envisioned a studio, an office space, and a showroom. It would include everything we needed and provide the team with a beautiful work environment. We began moving all the sewing machines and equipment from my house to the studio and so it began.

The beauty of the space is that it had an upstairs loft on which I claimed dibs! (as my son would say) It was the perfect space for my office

There were 3 elements I knew I would include: lighting, color, and an elegantly modern feel.

I immediately knew I wanted it to have as much natural lighting as possible. We installed skylights and two windows. My desk faces the picture window, giving me a view of the gorgeous outdoors.

I used a modern color paint scheme on the walls and easy to maintain vintage French oak flooring. The fun part began when the renovations were completed: decorating!

I chose neutral pieces and used gold accents throughout Chic Reign’s studio. Color is brought into the space with art and a library. My office wall is covered in people whose lives were shaped around their outstanding creativity and talents. I hung up pictures of the masters of fashion and art: Balenciaga, Chanel, Alessandro Michele, and more. These are people who I desire to embody.

In a little over 4 months Chic Reign headquarters was established. The result is a glowing and intimate space where we work collectively at bringing our designs to life.

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