So, What’s Chic Reign All About?

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Chic Reign is a feminine with an edge luxury womenswear brand.  Polished dresses and sophisticated separates in rich color palettes.  We are devoted to impeccable construction and quality pieces that endures season after season.  Our products are proudly manufactured in New York City. We are passionate about what we do. How do we know this?

Because we nourish a culture encouraging each employee to pursue the role that best encompasses their interests and strengths, while reminding them to have fun.


  1. Conduct ourselves and communicate with kindness and respect for all.
  2. Focus joyfully on what is positive in others in working together toward a common goal.
  3. Be obsessively curious. We encourage a culture of creativity and collaboration
  4. Passionate pursuit of excellence in everything we do.
  5. Be customer centric and rely on customer feedback to improve and provide the utmost services.
  6. Demonstrate a responsible mindset in understanding the impact of our work on others and the planet.


Collaboration, diversity, the exchange of ideas and building on other people’s achievements are at the heart of the creative process at Chic Reign.

We invest our time, energy and love to create beautiful clothes that help women feel confident and chic. We do what we love for a living. This has never been about work. This is our lifestyle.

We spend countless hours learning to understand each individual part of our garment production. In the process, we create something we can proudly stand behind.

We are obsessive about all things beautiful, yet mindful of ethical practices. 

Our products are mainly made of natural fabrics and proudly manufactured in the USA.  

Providing quality products with impeccable construction, giving the utmost shopping experience and being mindful of our resources are our top priorities because where our product ends you begin.

This is Chic Reign

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