Camp: Notes On Fashion

Did anyone else watch The Met Gala and fall madly in love with the extravaganza of Camp-themed garments parading down the pink carpet? We were spellbound by Lady Gaga’s billowing fuchsia gown by Brandon Maxwell, and Celine Dion’s spectacular Oscar de la Renta beaded gown. Needless to say, celebrities brought their A-game to The Met Gala to celebrate the beauty of Camp!

Immediately after watching the eye-catching assortment of bold looks effortlessly walk across our television screens, we knew we had to see Camp: Notes on Fashion in person ASAP. After-all, we are always looking for inspiration! So in true fashion, we went to the exhibitions opening day. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

One will applaud the brilliant spring 2019 display of Camp: Notes on Fashion at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. On display are approximately 250 objects of womenswear and menswear, paintings, drawings, writings, and sculptures dating back from the 17th century to present. As you walk around and examine each piece, you’re immediately filled with an overcoming sense of grandeur, exaggeration, and theatricality. We could not stop looking at each eye-grabbing piece. It was as if we were in a land of pure imagination.

Jumpsuit by Gianni Versace
Rainbow Cape by Burberry

Permeating throughout the audio speakers of the exhibition was the glorious raspy-voice of Camp icon Judy Garland singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Her voice adds character, a sense of escapism from the outside world, and dream-like fantasies to the dance across the perfectly curated exhibition by Andrew Bolton.

Ruffle Tulle Dress by Tomo Koizumi
Ruffle Pink Dress by Giambattista Valli

Camp’s aesthetic explores its origins and how it has evolved throughout society to influence mainstream culture through its diverse nature and ironic sensibility. Providing the framework for the exhibition is Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay “Notes on ‘Camp’”, which examines how fashion designers have incorporated the concept into their pieces through humor, sophistication, artifice, and sartorial manifestations. In the eyes of Camp, more is more through its playful exaggeration of popular culture and high art.

McDonalds Themed Dress by Moschino
Budweiser Themed Dress by Moschino

“Indeed, the essence of Camp is its love of the unnatural: or artifice and exaggeration.”

Susan Sontag, 1964
Stephen Jones Millinery for John Galliano inflatable lips hat

As we exited the doors of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, we were overcome with emotions and wished for more. Camp is truly a gift that keeps on giving as it celebrates the light in the darkened tunnel. It promotes us to understand and embrace ones ‘character’ for who it is. Camp is the perfect blend of fun, style, glamour, self-expression, and love for the beauty of human nature.

This is an exhibition you will not want to miss out on! Luckily, Camp: Notes on Fashion is on display from May 09 to September 08, 2019. But we recommend you go now as it is truly an experience you’ll revel in for years to come!

Meet The Model Behind Our SS’19 Campaign

For the SS’19 campaign, we wanted to portray a confident, chic woman who embodied sophistication with an edge. She’s someone who enters a party impeccably dressed from head-to-toe. As she glides across the room, heads turn and eyes widen as they soak in her radiant beauty. So when we came across the beautiful Megan Thomas, we knew we had found the perfect model for the SS’19 campaign.

From the minute Megan stepped in the room, she portrayed the true Chic Reign Woman: elegant, confident, and most importantly unmistakably chic! We sat down with Megan to talk about modeling, go-to party destinations, and favorite obsessions from the SS’19 collection.

How did you get started as a model?

I started when I was 18. I moved to LA and was going to UCLA. I wanted a job while I was going to school. So I heard about modeling and went to the biggest modeling agency I Googled. I walked into the office for Elite Models and they signed me on the spot, which was so cool!

What is the most exciting part about being a model?

I think it’s exciting to work with new people and new faces every day. It’s never the same. You know it’s never going to be boring.

Since Chic Reign is all about vibrant party looks for an alluring night out, what is your favorite go-to party destination?

I heard Ibiza is really cool! But the one I have been to so far is New York. It’s a fun party town!

Obsession from the collection?

The side-draped dress! It’s so cool. Very 80’s. I’ve never seen anything like it!

Check out her Instagram @meggirll to follow her journey. 

Shop: Spring/Summer ’19 Collection

Behind the Scenes: SS’19 Collection

The Chic Reign team had a blast at the SS’19 photo shoot! We shot the collection at a studio in the heart of New York City. Loud laughs, bright smiles, and excitement filled the room as everyone prepared for the big day. From hair and makeup, all the way to last minute adjustments, here is a behind the scenes glimpse into the SS’19 photo shoot.

Here’s our model for the SS’19 collection, getting ready for the big day.

Our Spring 2019 collection hanging pretty waiting to be photographed.

A photo shoot is never complete without the perfect accessories.

Here is our Creative Director styling one of our pieces. The look can be found here.

Smiles and laughs were endless on this shoot!

Everyone is ready to go!

Finding the perfect shot!

A quick selfie is always a must!

It takes a village to pull together a photo shoot. We want to thank the team for the amazing work they did!

Photography Michael Creagh

Stylist Diana Alvarez

Model Megan Thomas

Hair Jessica Bennett

Makeup Arpita Brahmbhatt

Shot At Michael Creagh’s Studio

Curious to see more of the collection? Shop the SS’19 Collection here!

Welcome to Spring/Summer ’19

Dance on in! Our Spring Summer 2019 Collection breathes the life of the party with rich and exciting colors, wispy feathers, and a wild for zebra print you’ll want to spend all your evenings grooving to the music in. Make these pieces your mantra for a scene-stealing, ultra-chic night out.

Aqua Tailored Blazer and Pant

Zebra Print Blouse

Feather-Trimmed Tulle Dress

Sheer Metallic-Embellished Tulle Dress

Ruffle Silk Taffeta Dress

Side-Draped Dress

Photography Michael Creagh

Stylist Diana Alvarez

Model Megan Thomas

Hair Jessica Bennett

Makeup Arpita Brahmbhatt

Shot At Michael Creagh’s Studio


We have launched! Here’s All You Need To Know

Chic Reign’s first SS’19 collection has officially launched and we are so excited!

We want to provide you with as much guidance as we can to help make your shopping experience a breeze! We’ve received a few questions we would love to answer for you! Here are the answers to the questions.

Where can I purchase the collection?

The entire collection will be available to purchase exclusively on

What time is the official launch on April 10th?

Our collection is scheduled to go live at 6 AM EST (3 AM PST) on So don’t forget to set your alarm clocks for the big day!

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free U.S. ground shipping on your first order when you sign up on our site to receive an exclusive discount code.

What countries will you be shipping to?

Currently, we will only be shipping within the United States of America.

Return Policy?

All products must be returned within 7 days of your order delivery day. Please refer to the return policy in the website.

What are the available sizes for the garments?

Currently we are offering Sizes 0 through 8. But hold on tight! We will be offering more sizes in the near future!

Delivery Time?

U.S. Ground shipping 2-5 EST business days delivery time. Orders purchased before 4pm will be dispatched same working day. Orders after 4pm will be dispatched next working day. Bank Holidays & Weekends are not included as delivery days. Please note if you order at the weekend your items will be dispatched on Monday.

What type of garments will you be selling?

This collection is for all the women who have been dreaming and endlessly searching for the perfect, ultra-chic party dress (and suit!) that can take you to any occasion or celebration in style.

What happens if the garment sell’s out?

Each and every one of our garments is designed with a focus on quality over quantity in order to not compromise the value of the product. This means that quantities of garments are made in limited runs. If sold out, the garment may never come back again. BUT do not worry! More garments in vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and beautiful fabrics will be coming soon!

Depending on fabric availability, we may be able to bring the style back. You will need to sign up to be notified when the garment will return.

How excited is the Chic Reign team about the launch?

We are filled with joy about the launch! And cannot wait for you all to shop the collection tomorrow!

The SS’19 Collection

Our Spring/Summer 19 collection is launching on April 10th! We are exactly 5 days away and I want to share some exclusive details with you.

One of the biggest goals I set out to achieve when I created Chic Reign was to design dresses in quality fabrics with longevity in mind. With that being said, we created a capsule collection that includes seven different styles. By keeping the collection small, we were able to put more intentional effort through the creative process. You will find dresses and separates in quality fabrics featuring vibrant colors and feminine silhouettes. These will be exclusive designs in limited quantities due to fabric availability. What this means is that once a style is sold out, it may not come back.

We are committed to minimizing our social impact on Earth’s ecological system. Our mission is to build a modern fashion brand around slow fashion and ethically made products. Ensuring that we use natural fabrics as much as possible.

Our collection is 100% manufactured in the heart of the Garment District in New York City. By working with local manufactures, we are able to oversee the entire process from start to finish allowing us to hold our products to exceedingly high standards.

It’s never been a more extraordinary time to be a woman. We’re expressing our individuality and creativity on our terms. And while we know all of our muses are at a different stage in their lives and have their own aesthetics and interests, we hope that our garments will bring each and every one of you joy, confidence, and an unmistakably chic feeling when you put them on!

This is a true labor of love and I personally thank you for supporting and sharing it with us.

Launching Our First Collection

If you have been following closely, chances are you know we were supposed to launch our first collection last fall. But due to some issues, we were unable to do so. We were determined to ensure that slow and intentional growth was not lost no matter the cost. It didn’t matter how long we had to wait. We were going to do it right without compromising our values, which was a driving principal and reason why I started Chic Reign in the first place. In the end, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as many things in life often do. During this time, we have been able to source quality fabrics locally and have now made partnerships with outstanding manufacturers in New York City. Hooray!

As I get closer to launching the first collection I can’t help but reflect on this past year. All I can think of is the immense growth I’ve achieved both personally, emotionally, and professionally. Even if I were to walk away from it tomorrow, the journey alone has made it all worth it. The past few weeks have been very hectic trying to oversee every aspect and detail of production. It has been exhausting and at times I have felt the rush of emotions all at once – relieved because we are finally launching, anxious of what’s to come, and even more curious to see how the collection is going to do. We are less than 2 weeks away until launch so we shall see!

I want nothing more than to make you all proud. I want each piece to arrive to you perfectly crafted, impeccably finished, and to most importantly help you feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. I don’t just design to make a garment, I design for you.

My only hope is that you be enchanted by its light.

Love Endlessly,

diana alvarez signature

Our Spring/Summer 2019 Chic Reign Collection is Coming

Mark your calendars, tell Siri, Alexa, Google, whatever your smart device of choice is, to remind you of a very important date you will not want to forget.

We are launching Chic Reign’s first Spring/Summer collection on April 10th!

This collection is for all the women who have been dreaming and endlessly searching for the perfect, ultra-chic party dress (and suit!) that can take you to any occasion or celebration in style. Rich and exciting colors were selected, encouraging women to be elegant, vibrant, and energized to stand-out with confidence in their own unique way.

Curious to see how the collection inspiration and creative process came to be? Here’s an exclusive behind the scenes look into the making of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection.


We start by creating a mood board where we gather all our favorite inspirational images together. This gives us a starting point for the collection.

Diana works alongside her master pattern maker. Through constant communication and experimenting, they are able to bring our pieces from the design concept through production.

Here is an up-close glimpse of our Little Black Dress (LBD) from this collection. It’s the kind of super-chic dress that you’ll want to wear again and again. The sleeves are everything on this dress! And we love it!

Creating and bringing joy to our customers is what we love the most. Every garment has a spark of light sewn into it that comes from our love for doing something we are so passionate about.

Stay tuned for more to come by signing up for our email list!

How to Style Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year into your Wardrobe

We are in L-O-V-E with Living Coral aka Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019! It’s a punchy peach, pink flamingo shade, that’s so boldly chic, you’ll want to wear the color every day!

Did you know the whole concept behind living coral was to humanize us back into reality from our hectic technology filled lives, to notice what’s truly important in the world?!? Earth’s ecosystem! Specifically Earth’s most precious, and essential ecosystem hanging on for dear life: the ocean’s coral reefs. It’s a subtle reminder coral – just like us – will only remain lively if surrounded by a healthy environment.

And there’s something alluringly cool about a reddish, pinkish shade of orange splashed perfectly together with golden undertones. You feel a sense of empowerment, comfort, and warmth, when donning the sunset shade out and about on the streets. That’s why it was a no brainer to add the fabulous shade to our SS’19 Collection. It’s like the fun low-key hue that adds a bit of pizzazz to your life without calling for too much attention, but just enough for people to take notice!

The seaside vacation shade is without question a sociable and animated color perfectly suited for all extroverts, and even introverts! So, how can we successfully pull the color of the year off without resembling a pat (fancy word for flock) of flamingoes?

It’s important to look at the color with a sophisticated eye and treat the color the same way you would treat a wild zebra print. Don’t overdo it! Although, if you’re feeling a little adventurous to rock the shade from head-to-toe (you go girl!), just make sure you use slight tonal differences between each piece to avoid the overly matchy-matchy “OMG what did I do” look. Pictures will not take kindly to you.

Adding Living Coral into your personal style is a great way to up your chic game! Going dancing?? Don a sea reef colored side-draped dress with a pair of fabulous white feathered heels. Dinner with your hot date? Add a pop of the coral color fashion into your accessories to brighten up your going out look!

Evening Ready

Inject coral into your style today ladies! You won’t be disappointed! Because everyone needs comforting nourishment and empowering vibes in their lives as they take on world!

Now for the important question we’re dying to know: How will you style Living Coral into your wardrobe this year?

Staying the Course and Overcoming Challenges

My decision to launch a business was very much of an emotional one tied in with a personal passion to create beautiful quality pieces with a belief in supporting slow fashion and ethical practices. However, running a business requires a much more analytical approach. As a designer, it is easy to get immersed in the details of a garment or collection, but it is far more challenging to embrace the financial side of a business. So how can you manage when your right brain generally dominates your left?  Hardheaded perhaps? A trait that is now serving me well, I must say!

Despite a few bumps in the road and being turned down several times because we couldn’t meet the fabric supplier minimums, I was determined to seek out an alternative solution and look at it from a more positive side. I have heard so many stories in the past of designers investing thousands of dollars into their business with no return and I didn’t want to find myself in that situation. Perhaps this was a sign to change direction. I let myself be guided by my instinct and was able to make some changes to our business concept without sacrificing our vision. The goal remains the same to create quality pieces that I love and truly believe in without compromising our integrity.

“Quality is not an accident, it is always the result of high intentionality, sincere effort, intelligent direction and smart execution.”

La Fete Peru

I’ve been traveling to the garment district more frequently. Often visiting manufacturers and sourcing left over fabrics from mills which will allow me to produce in smaller quantities at a time. Work takes up almost my entire day and what I love the most is that “It” doesn’t feel like work. I’ve been so excited working on the new collection and can hardly wait to present it to you!

I love visiting New York City and although I feel more comfortable now than I did when I first started, I still find sanctuary when I’m back at my studio. Being surrounded by nature and the quietness is where I can find inner balance and creativity.

This process of getting outside of my box and working toward my dreams has been exciting and terrifying at the same time. I’m in a constant evolution and can literally see the magic unfolding before my eyes.

Love endlessly,

diana alvarez signature